dinsdag, maart 29, 2005

Beach Days

This is me and my brother at the beach when i was 6 or something. I haven't changed much. Neither has he. You don't change. You are the way you are. You think that when you "grow up" that you will be different. Nope! You are the way you were 10 years ago, 20 years ago... You don't change inside. Grow up, sure, but you don't change. Embrace yourself. Love yourself. Or live with the anguish and pain. Life is truly like a fine wine... sure, it gets more sophisticated as you grow up, but a Merlot never becomes a Pinot, (or for you beer lovers: Life is truly like a good beer... a Pabst never becomes a Guiness)

Drink up........drink up.
[Savor yourselves.]

(Note: lt is I on the left, my brother on the right.)